مشخصات کامل کپچر کارت ویدئویی GV-3008A
Details Option
  << Recording Rate>>
D1|NTSC 240 fps
D1|PAL 200 fps
<< Display Rate>>
D1|NTSC  240 fps
D1|PAL  200 fps
  << Video System>> 
Video Input  8
Video Codec GEO MPEG4
Video Resolution|NTSC H/W: 704 x 480
Video Resolution|PAL
  << Audio System>>  
Audio Input 8
Audio Codec (AAC(16kHz / 16 bit
   << Support System>> 
GV-Multi Quad Card Support Yes
GV-Loop Through Card Support Yes
GV-Net/IO Card Support Yes
 GV-I/O 12-In Card Support Yes
 GV-I/O 12-Out Card Support  Yes
 Hardware Wotchdog  Yes
  << System Requirement>>
 DirectX  9.0c
 CPU Core2 Duo 7500, 3 GHz
RAM 2 x 1 GB Dual Channels
 HDD 250 GB
VGA ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-E / NVIDIA GeForce 7300 PCI-E
<< Connector>>
Interface  PCI-E x1
 Input Type D-Type

The GV-3008 Card provides up to 8 video and 8 audio channels, recording up to 240 / 200 fps (NTSC / PAL) in total with H.264 hardware compression. The GV-3008 Card provides the high-resolution live image with DSP Overlay. Even in multi views, the image on the largest division view can remain at the high-quality resolution.

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