MAXIMUS MPX is an ex-proof PTZ camera that offers a superior image quality and an exceptional precision even in poorly lighted environments. This ex camera is ideal for effective video surveillance and process control in harsh settings where the presence of gases or flammable dust can create a potentially explosive environment. A reality often found in the oil and gas industries or marine and industrial sectors.

Entirely made from AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel

Certifications for use in Zone 1 and 2, Group IIC T6 (Gas), and in Zone 21 and 22, Group IIIC T85° (Dust)

Integrated Day/Night camera and wiper

Analog and IP H.264/AVC, ONVIF-S, versions

Up to 2 simultaneous video streams   (IP based version)

Total control through Videotec’s PTZ assistant   (IP based version)

Prewired versions with cable and barrier cable gland (IEC/EN 60079-14) (except for UL versions)

Operating temperature:   -40°C / +60°C (-40°F / +140°F)

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