• شرکت ایمن سازان پیشرو - ULISSE COMPACT
  • شرکت ایمن سازان پیشرو - ULISSE COMPACT HD

ULISSE COMPACT is a robust and efficient PTZ camera unit designed to ensure dynamic and non-stop surveillance of large outdoor areas and withstand harsh weather conditions, reducing maintenance to zero.

The integrated camera ensures superior image quality, even in poorly lit environments.

The compliance with ONVIF Profile S provides an open architecture for maximum integration with IP systems of the major brands in the industry.

Analogue and IP, H.264/AVC and JPEG, 25fps, Full D1 (ONVIF-S)

Total control through Videotec’s PTZ assistantᅠ ᅠ(IP-based version)

Up to 2 simultaneous video streamsᅠ ᅠ(IP-based version)

Complete front flange with heated glass


LED illuminator

Operating temperature:ᅠ ᅠ-40°C / +60°C (-40°F / +140°F)

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