WV-CS580 Series

http://ssbu-t.psn-web.net/Products/Analogue_camera/WV-CS580_Series/Specsheet/English/NTSC/WV-CS580_2A-075DL.pdf http://ssbu-t.psn-web.net/Products/Analogue_camera/WV-CS580_Series/Specsheet/English/PAL/WV-CS580_2A-075DA.pdf

Super Dynamic 6 technology delivers 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

High resolution: 650 TV lines

High sensitivity with Day/Night function: 0.5 lx (Color) at F1.4 (Wide), 0.04 lx (B/W) at F1.4 (Wide). IR cut filter switches on/off to enhance the sensitivity in B/W mode.

36x zoom lens: 3.3 ~ 119 mm (approx. 720x with digital zoom)

Pan/Tilt speed of max. 400°/s at preset mode and 0.065°/s super fine control at manual mode.

Auto tracking: The camera follows the largest movement in the image automatically. The camera will pan and tilt to keep the subject in the center of the image.

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