WV-CW590 / WV-CW590A Series

Super Dynamic 6 technology delivers 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

High resolution: 650 TV lines

High sensitivity with Day/Night function: 0.5 lx (Color) at F1.4 (Wide), 0.04 lx (B/W) at F1.4 (Wide). IR cut filter switches on/off to enhance the sensitivity in B/W mode.

36x zoom lens: 3.3 ~ 119 mm (approx. 720x with digital zoom)

Pan/Tilt speed of max. 400°/s at preset mode and 0.065°/s super fine control at manual mode.

Auto tracking: The camera follows the largest movement in the image automatically. The camera will pan and tilt to keep the subject in the center of the image.

IP66 rated water and dust resistant. Compatible with IEC60529 measurement standard.

Rain wash coating dome cover (WV-CW590A Series)

36x Optical Zoom WV-CW590 of Panasonic

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